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82 Nature of Share or Debentures
83 Numbering of shares
84 Certificate of shares
85 Two kinds of share capital
86 New issues of share capital to be only of two kinds
87 Voting rights
88 Prohibition of issue of shares with disproportionate rights
89 Termination of disproportionately excessive voting rights in existing companies
90 Savings
91 Calls on shares of same class to be made on uniform basis
92 Power of company to accept unpaid share capital, although not called up
93 Payment of dividend in proportion to amount paid-up
94 Power of limited company to alter its share capital
94A Share capital to stand increased where an order is made under section 81(4)
95 Notice to registrar of consolidation of share capital, conversion of shares into stock, etc.
96 Effect of conversion of shares into stock
97 Notice of increase of share capital or of members
98 Power of unlimited company to provide for reserve share capital on re-registration
99 Reserve liability of limited company
100 Special resolution for reduction of share capital
101 Application to court for confirming order, objection, by reditors, and settlement of list of objecting creditors
102 Order confirming reduction and powers of tribunal on making such order
103 Registration of order and minute of reduction
104 Liability of members in respect of reduced shares
105 Penalty for concealing name of creditor, etc.
106 Alteration of rights of holders of special classes of shares
107 Rights of dissentient shareholders
108 Transfer not to be registered except on production of instru-ment of transfer
108A Restriction on acquisition of certain shares
108B Restriction on transfer of shares
108C Restriction on the transfer of shares of foreign companies
108D Power of central government to direct companies not to give effect to the transfer
108E Time within which refusal to be communicated
108F Nothing in sections 108a to 108d to apply to government companies etc
108G Applicability of the provisions of sections 108A to 108F
108H Construction of certain expressions used in sections 108a to 108g
108I Penalty for acquisition or transfer of share in contravention of sections 108a to 108d
109 Transfer by legal representative
109A Nomination of shares
109B Transmission of shares
110 Application for transfer
111 Power to refuse registration and appeal against refusal
111A Rectification of register on transfer
112 Certification of transfers
113 Limitation of time for issue of certificates
114 Issue and effect of share warrants to bearer
115 Share warrants and entries in register of members
116 Penalty for personation of shareholder
117 Debentures with voting rights not to be issued hereafter
117A Debenture trust deed
117B Appointment of debenture trustees and duties of debenture trustees
117C Liability of company to create security and debenture redemption reserve
118 Right to obtain copies of and inspect trust deed
119 Liability of trustees for debenture holders
120 Perpetual debentures
121 Power to re-issue redeemed debentures in certain cases
122 Specific performance of contract to subscribe for debentures
123 Payments of certain debts out of assets subject to floating charge in priority to claims under the charge
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